Monday, June 24, 2013

Restored Hope Network lives up to its name

I went to the Restored Hope Network conference this past weekend. (  It was really nurturing and encouraging, especially after this past week. It was really cool to meet so many of the original founders and previous leaders of Exodus (Frank Worthen, Anne Paulk, Andy Comiskey, etc.)

I got to go to dinner with their Board of Directors afterward and was really inspired by their enthusiasm for the ministry work ahead. It changed my original perception of them which had been based on a few statements that originally seemed to me to be harshly worded. I got a much more well-rounded understanding of them and found it really refreshing.
It was also really exciting to hear that they are partnering with Christopher West ( who will be helping them implement Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body" as well as Catholic therapist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi ( who pioneered many advances in Reparative Therapy.

This past week had been really rough. I wasn't surprised by Alan Chamber's statements and "apologies" but the finality of the Exodus decision hit me hard. That was followed by several emails from a former friend who is a gay activist and wanted to offer me "support."

I was crying out to God and feeling ALONE for the first time in a long time. I know that is silly. I know hundreds of guys on this same journey who have found healing and transformation through Jesus Christ and many who have benefited from Reparative Therapy, but last week I really felt isolated and cornered by the World. Anyway, this past weekend was a very refreshing time of prayer and worship. I would say this small organization has lived up to their name: they helped Restore MY Hope. ;)

Pax Christi,


  1. Dear Jeremy!

    This is an encouraging post for me as the hosting director of Restored HOPE. I know that everyone at First Stone Ministries will be encouraged as well. Thank you for attending the Restored Hope Conference. It was wonderful to meet you! I truly sensed that the Restored Hope Network Conference was as good as any of the best Exodus conferences I've attended in past years. The momentum of sincere HOPE in the TRUE Gospel of this building network! I hope to see you again at the conference next year. Exodus may be closing and capitulating in regard to the culture of homosexuality, but Restored Hope stands for the uncompromised message of HOPE in Jesus Christ our Lord for TRUTH that does bring about transformation of the soul! God bless you Jeremy!

  2. Dear Jeremy:

    Your words here are very encouraging to me personally as the hosting director for the Restored Hope Network Conference here in Oklahoma City. I know everyone on our staff will also be encouraged by the Lord's touch on your life. I am grateful for your consistent pressing into Christ. I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Hopefully we will see you next year as many are now planning on attending the Restored Hope Conference next year. The worship, the teachings and the overall presentation of this conference was as good or better than the MANY Exodus conferences I have attended over the years. This gave so many others great HOPE too. Exodus may be closing and Alan Chambers capitulating to the homosexual culture to embrace the idea of gay Christianity, but there is NOW HOPE RISING! There is HOPE in this network! Momentum of HOPE in the uncompromised message of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ continues! Jeremy, remember you can have great HOPE in a new network with seasoned leadership that have been walking this course out longer than those in the Exodus office. It is a very sad day for Exodus, we give over the euthanizing of Exodus, but now we have RESTORED HOPE! God bless you Jeremy! I look forward to the blessing the Father has for those who will not compromise the GOOD NEWS, the TRUTH THAT TRANSFORM in the RESTORED HOPE NETWORK! God bless you brother! Sincerely, Stephen