Friday, June 27, 2014

Republican Party of Texas vs. the APA - Infographic

The APA is the only public health organization claiming to have "studied" this issue. All others (the AMA, etc.) simply re-post and quote from the 2009 APA's "Task Force" report. I am amazed by the LACK of rigor involved in the APA's task force report which is quoted by so many as an "Authority."
(You may need to click on the pic to open it full screen)


  1. How do you explain all the other medical associations also coming out against reparative therapy

    1. Hi Jerry, thank you for your comment. I originally wanted to list all of the organizations on both sides, but realized they are all simply pointing to and re-quoting either this one APA "report" or NARTH. NONE of the others have conducting any studies or research on their own. They all simply site this ONE report which was put together exclusively by gay activists with no input from anyone with any first hand knowledge of Reparative Therapy.